RF Hopeless Dummy, that’s how some people call me, but RF is more common… And no, that’s not my real life name, before you ask. The history of my nickname goes back to the year 2001, and is not a space odissey, but you may find it boring anyway (If not bored I’ll tell that history later).

I’m a self proclaimed “Multipurpose designer”, currently studying web and 3D design. Married with no kids and working at IMSS public health offices (yeah, that’s weird and fun at the same time) and as part time freelancer.

Now, you may ask… What do you design? Well… Really not much nowadays, I like to work with projects, also I’m very selective with what I do, so… What I design?, almost anything, I’ve done some music, a few videos, a live action (pseudo-terror) short-movie, a lot of wallpapers (who doesn’t?), some random drawings and 3D craziness trying to learn about 3D. But that’s old history, actually I’m most focused on multimedia design, some video production and music production. Photography?… Oh yes! I like photos, but not being photographed… But maybe my photo technique needs lot of work yet. I have what people calls “good eye” for photography, bad thing is I’m too critic about my work, so I tend to ask people about my photos quality too often to be sure is good enough.

So, now what’s next?…

Maybe with a good group of people (preferably clones), I’ll complete a few projects I have in mind… So I’ll be posting a lot about them here and at Facebook or Twitter.