[youtube http://youtu.be/l2z0gBFNrME]

What a crocheted cat does with a laptop?

Record some videos of course, using your best moves and some music, all while nobody else is watching, or without real music.

This was made just for fun, testing my new laptop, a MacBook pro 13″ using Photo booth while I was playing with a recently crocheted cat made by my wife for one of her projects. You can see her site here: http://www.mibruno.com/

There wasn’t much planning for the video, just took the cat and made it move in front of the camera trying to move it like it’s dancing or at least trying, my wife and I where laughing while I was recording, you can hear us near the end of the video.

This is the first try recording crocheted animals, later I make use of a different cat and a little mouse for a school project… The Freaky circus!