Moon it’s a song I composed in 2006… But it’s not my first song.

Flashback time! I met Æpok in the year 2000, we made friends and he teach me how to use some programs to make music, after some years experimenting with different programs and sounds I decided to create music like a hobby, something I still do.

Moon (Or project 20060936) is one of the most know songs I have, if not may be the only one that most people likes now (At least on Spotify). I used the song for a gameplay video for a gameplay video for the game “Archlord”, game that I played with Æpok since Beta (Another flashback!). I decided to make the video to showoff my character. The critics on the video where good for the music, not too good for the video, but I noticed most people watched it just to hear the music… So, most comments are a bummer… Something weird about the video is that just for a (itty-bitty) brief time it became the most watched video from my country on YouTube… That was nice.

Anyway, after 5 years I decided to make a video just for the song… But also it was an assigment for my video and scripting class, so I had the perfect chance to make something good from it.

I used a game that I still like a lot, “The Movies”… Why? Because I like it, and also I had the idea of making it an animation video, something no one at my school has done before. In a few hours I had the script, a few days later I had the animation done, a few more days re-mastering the song, a couple days editing and… Done!

The result was really good and some classmates where skeptical about me doing something like that in a couple weeks. After that I had the chance to present the video at school’s first film festival, but for time and bad planning it didn’t happen…

Now the video is available at my YouTube channel, and may be this year it will be shown at the school’s film festival… At last!

Update: And it finally happened, “Moon” was the first of my 3 videos showed at a big screen, it’s a weird feeling to show something I made at a cinema, and to be with lots of people watching and hearing something you made, I can’t really imagine what a real blockbuster with lots of hours of work will cause at the first screening, but it feels really nice, and this was just the first of three…